Please use the criteria below and create a video to submit for your audition. This will be reviewed by our team and you will hear back as to your next steps.

You can use your phone to make your video; we’re not looking for film production quality.

You can either upload it to DropBox, Google Drive, and email us the link or try or email it directly. worshipteamaudition@newhopecom.org

Please choose one of the songs listed and then one of your choice.

Vocals please sing a cappella. We will with you later to hear you sing harmony, etc.

Instruments please play with a click track. (since there’s no band to sync up with)

If you don’t already have a metronome, here are some suggestions to assist you.

Online option: https://www.8notes.com/metronome/

App options: Pro Metronome – it’s free and available for both the IOS and Android.

  • Electric Guitar

    Holding Nothing Back

    (meter 143, time signature 4/4)

    One Thing Remains (meter 74, time signature 4/4)

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Build My Life (meter 70, time signature 4/4)

    Yes and Amen (meter 72, time signature 4/4)

  • Vocals

    One Thing Remains

    What a Beautiful Name

    You Make Me Brave

    Build My Life

  • Drums

    Who You Say I am (meter 57, time signature 6/8) You Make Me Brave

    (meter 138, time signature 4/4)

  • Keyboard

    Do It Again (meter 86, time signature 4/4)

    Great Are You Lord (meter 143, time signature 4/4)

  • Bass

    You Are Good (meter 144, time signature 4/4) Rooftops (meter 100, time signature 4/4)