We are so grateful to serve this community and we are excited to see the fulfillment of this expansion. There is no doubt something holy is happening in our midst. As your pastors we know that this campaign is one of the next important steps to see a great breakthrough in our region. We are asking that you would join your hearts, faith, and passion with ours to see this FORWARD campaign completely fulfilled. Partner with us and we will see a mighty harvest and a great move of God in our city that will even impact the world!

Zack & Rachelle Wechsler

what will it take?

How can we determine what our contribution should be? This decision of how much you will contribute to the FORWARD campaign is a personal one.

  • Begin with PRAYER
  • BELIEVE BIG together as we move FORWARD
  • FOLLOW God’s leading
  • Look into other creative options.
  • Identify some unnecessary or less important expenses you currently pay for.
  • Short-term payments that will be paid off soon.
  • You may anticipate an increase in income or receiving a bonus.
  • You may have stocks, bonds, or other securities that have appreciated in value. We recommend that you speak with your CPA, tax attorney, or financial advisor when considering this option.


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